2021 November, 23 Çdo rrugë e njeriut është e drejtë në sytë e tij, por Zoti i peshon zemrat. #reply
19 cellphones
47 lovers
284 websites
2844000 lines of codes
Yamaha Motor Corporation icon 97720 kilometers ride
13084 glasses of Skenderbeg
16 surgeries

I am an old-style old-school web developer from the early days of the new century. I work for Clickservice, Dynacom, Splaxx, and I contrbute on outsource projects. Growing up with trance music, I am a die hard fan of the genre inventor, Paul Oakenfold and the Goddes of Voices; Tiff Lacey. My free time goes on riding my Suzuki, having a Reversi board game, or confessing some dark stories on pasionBlog.

Below is a list of projects I am currently working on:
delightCMS - a powerful content management system.
Dicons - svg icon pack for web.
SyncPro - hotel package management system.
AlbTrips - touristic package management system.
.ics Cal - ICS calendar for desktop and mobile.
HyperNotes - notes platform.
selfCloud - a collection of cloud computing tools for productivity and collaboration.
selfMail - multibox mailbox service.