Ervis Drekaj aka Mysterio
web & php developer
tel / whatsapp (+)355/682091611
Since the time of graduation, the value of knowledge has diminished. / Al Ghazali
Since the day I understood knowledge values more on work than does on papers, I started coding, since the age of 16, a little prior to getting into Coding-Talk and as of now, I can count million lines of codes I have already typed. Currently, I develop web-applications at Opportunity. Additionally, I produce high quality websites branded by weDoWeb or simply have fun maintaining my own CMS named delightCMS - born on January the first, 2011.
Being famous on Instagram is like being rich in Monopoly. / Celeste Barber
I spare a lot of time from social networks. However, sometimes, I may post an update on Twitter or share a picture on Instagram, socialize a bit on LinkedIn, maybe comment something using Disqus or give some honest answers on Quora or simply have a pool game while listening to some inspiring music produced by Eeljke Klein.
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Yes, that's a blog because I do love blogging; is the website I host and maintain myself; it is where I share erotic stories or talk about this same topic.
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